Before I begin, just want to warn you that it's going to be a long-long post, I have lots of pictures need to be shown here because I j...

Before I begin, just want to warn you that it's going to be a long-long post, I have lots of pictures need to be shown here because I just love the city I visited. 
So, last week my family and I went to Sydney for a week coz we definitely needed some refreshing and short getaway after so much things to do and work for months and months. And please enjoy the video I made don't forget to subscribe :)

Day 1. Arrived at 11-ish am and still had so much time to walk around the city, so we went to The Rocks on the first day.

Day 2. The must-visited place when you're in Sydney is the zoo! Yes, the most popular one is Taronga Zoo. We took ferry to get there, and on the way to the zoo, how lucky we are to witness beautiful view of Sydney.
And of course, the zoo was way too cool with the spectacular city view as the background. I just can't describe how beautiful it is, but I'll let you explore my photos of the zoo.

Day 3. Very curious about Blue Mountains that everyone's talking about over the Internet when I was searching for that place. I was surprised with (again) amazing view from above, however it was way colder than the city, we didn't expect that.
Last destination of the day we went to Feather Dale!

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  1. OMG.. aku mupeeeeng.. next kedepan wishlist untuk traveling ke SEDNEY juga..
    and btw, kamu foto di kapal mirip kek tempat syutingnya Spidermen Homecoming daaah...


  2. woah! your trip was really fun and exciting, Sydney's views are gorgeous :D I also love zoo, cause I can see how the real size of those animals. I wanna hug a Koala ><

  3. I'm so glad you shared so many photos! Sydney looks so bright and happy. The koala bears and kangaroos are too cute : ) You look lovely as well!

  4. So beautiful! My son hopes to visit Sydney to see his grandfather sometime in the future. Thanks for this beautiful glimpse of Australia.
    *new reader*

  5. Great post, beautiful photos! I would love to visit Sydney <3


  6. What can better explain than pictures? These are great captures! looks like a great trip dear..
    instagram @grace_njio

  7. Nice impressions! :)

    Your blog seems to be really interesting and beautiful! I will continue to follow your posts. Perhaps you would also like the idea to support each other :) (Blog, Insta, Bloglovin..) You may also like to look at my YouTube channel .. I have not so many views there because I started with new content but am happy about everyone new. Would be cool to hear from you! :)

    Blog // YouTube // Instagram // Bloglovin

  8. I would love to visit Sydney one day! I actually have family there.

    Rina Samantha

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