Going On A Short Trip Tips

Done with everything including school work, and now I’m so excited looking forward to the rest of my weekend, which I’ve been waiting forev...

Done with everything including school work, and now I’m so excited looking forward to the rest of my weekend, which I’ve been waiting forever. You, girls, know that we all need time to just enjoy and relax with friends and family after the struggle we’ve been through for the past few weeks or months. I feel like the atmosphere of summer starts earlier this year, so why don’t we start our first trip of the week, like literally, now! Get your clothes, camera, passport (if needed), and makeup packed! I always love packing, however, it sometimes ends up too much packing up the stuff that I actually don’t need when traveling, and I hate carrying big heavy bags. So here I’m going to share my tips of what to bring when I go on a short trip for a few days.

A short trip means you bring less. Thus, you have to decide the most important things and the most worn. First of all, bring clothes that you can mix and match. I usually bring the maximum of two pairs of jeans, one short and one long that can be paired with several tops. Second, choose either one: shoes, sandals, platforms, or heels. Well, two pairs of them can still be acceptable. But I recommend bringing a pair of those choices that you will wear the most and have to be comfortable. The third one is makeup product. Girls, I know, I feel that too. Sometimes you need all of your makeup stuff with you, but trust me, you still can live without some of them! I personally like to bring small sizes of makeup products so they can fit in my medium sized bag. Guess what, I found this RealTechnique Travel Set brush at Luxola.com. It consists of three brushes, one eye and two face brushes, and it comes with a travel bag to carry the brushes. Travel just got easier! I also have an exclusive voucher code “BLX-BASICCLASSIC” to get 15% off your first order at Luxola. Lots of makeup brush sets you can choose there! Last but not least, always bring your camera everywhere and capture every moment! In case you are still searching for places to stay, you may want to check The Luxe Nomad out. You’ll be amazed with the beautiful villas in Bali! 

H&M tank top // Forever 21 shirt // Åland jeans // Adidas shoes // Longchamp bag

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  1. When I pack my stuff I usually do it a first time, then a second one trying to reduce what I want to carry with me. All the uneccessary things should stay at home!
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