What i bought in Japan

Done with the videos and pictures , and now, it's time to post what i bought when i was in Japan! Actually i didn't buy many stuff ...

Done with the videos and pictures , and now, it's time to post what i bought when i was in Japan! Actually i didn't buy many stuff in Japan, some of them are more expensive than Hong Kong, so i thought i 'd get cheaper if i bought that products in Hong Kong. Basically, i bought stuff that Hong Kong doesn't have such as these two ankle socks. They are definitely cute! i bought them at Harajuku (there were many small stores along the streets). and it's only HKD$20-ish for each! i wanted to buy all of them but..(seriously?) hahaha Oh! i also bought HOMEI nail polish, which is super kawaii (means cute in japanese) i couldn't find this kinda nail polish in Hong Kong, well, there is, but i just don't like their colors. But this one, i really love it! (sorry i didn't take a close-up picture for the nail polish)

Yumm! of course, japanese snacks! i didn't have time to go to japanese stores in Japan, but luckily, i found one at the airport in Japan! (i forgot the name) i just grabbed everything that has green tea flavor (since i love green tea) and i heard that Tokyo Banana (banana cake) is quite popular and it's so yumma!  

"Nice decoration for my room!" "hmm looks so cute, but can i eat them?" Yep, another cute japanese snack is Sushi Candy. super cute. looks like real sushi but it's not! it's a candy! Many people, including my friends, think that this candy is a room decoration that cannot be eaten. but you can eat them!! i bought this at Asakusa while we were walking to Senso-Ji Temple. it was about HKD$50. 

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  1. you have such a nice blog! <3 they are all so cute nd adorbs! <3 i would like to follow each other!


  2. amazing socks, love them so much! I really like your blog by the way, followed you on bloglovin, maybe follow me back?
    kisses and have a nice day,


  3. Whoah, those are crazy nice. I love socks!


  4. awwh!! so cute and adorable socks!! yeah, sadly the sushi can't be eaten!
    sure, i follow you back
    hope to see you on my follower list soon

  5. wow the socks... so cuteee. Love the tiger one
    Following you now <3

  6. I love the popcorn socks haha they're soo cute :)
    You're so lucky to be able to go to Japan!!


  7. Gosh, I love japanese snacks.. And those popcorn socks is just major cute :)
    Btw, kamu emang kuliah di hongkong ya? Ambil apa?
    Followed you on bloglovin and Gfc. I will be so grateful if you follow me back so we can keep in touch and became friends :)